Friday, November 2, 2012

Thomas A. Kirby - Photoshopped History

The above is an original portrait of Thomas A. Kirby, Esq., a well noted and nearly famous attorney from Orleans County. Although being a local attorney and 1st Grand Knight of the Knights of Columbus didn't make him a nationally famous man, his participation on the side of the prosecution during the famed Charles Stielow Case made he and District Attorney John Cole Knickerbocker national celebrities (though not in the best of light).
The picture below is the same portrait of Thomas A. Kirby as above, but with a little added color. When you look into the eyes of a man in a black and white photograph, it becomes difficult to place yourself in historical context. The difference in photography styles and technology is enough to create that sense of difficulty, but thanks to Photoshop we can look into the eyes of Thomas Kirby and get a better sense of the man he was.