Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Jadwiga Sadowska Kaniecki (addendum)

Over the course of the past week, additional information pertaining to Jadwiga Sadowska and her family has been located. In last week's post, I included information relating to the parents of Jadwiga as well as her siblings. I will correct that information this week.

As previously mention, Jadwiga was born sometime in the late 1820s, possibly in 1827 or 1828. No baptismal record has been located within the records of Wabcz to indicate the name of her parents nor the date of her birth or baptism. However, there is evidence to direct us to her parents available through a death record for one, Joannes Sadowski.

Joannes Sadowski, according to the Wabcz death registers, died on January 13, 1848 at Wabcz. He was later buried on January 16, 1848 in Wabcz. The names of his parents are not revealed, but it is recorded that he was approximately 70 years old at the time of his death. In addition to the vital information, comments regarding living heirs were recorded. It is here that we see references to the names of his wife and Jadwiga's siblings.

The record lists his wife as Elizabeth Sadowska (ur: Szymecka) and 7 children including Bernard, Jadwiga, Marianna, Joannes, Antoni, Tomasz and Anna. It is assumed that the names of the children were listed in order from oldest to youngest, meaning that Joannes would have been approximately 50 years old at the time of Jadwiga's birth, which would also indicate that his wife was considerably younger than he was.

Further proof of the relationships are shown through the death record for Elizabeth Szymecka Sadowski, who died May 16, 1887 at Wabcz, having been buried on May 19, 1887 at the same location. Her death record inidcates one child, Antoni (who married Marianna Kaniecki, possibly sibling or cousin of Matthew). It is believed that the other children had either passed or had immigrated by the time of Elizabeth's death. We know for certain that Jadwiga was living in the United States at the time of her mother's death as she had not returned to Poland with her husband in 1884/5.

The final piece of information that was made available was a baptismal record for Anna Sadowska, sister to Jadwiga. Anna was born on June 6, 1845 at Wabcz, and was baptized two days later on June 8, 1845. This record lists Joannes as her father and Elizabeth Szymecka as her mother. Interestingly, this would mean that Joannes was around the age of 68 when Anna was born; old enough to be her grandfather or great grandfather.

What we can gather from this information is that Joannes was likely married once before his marriage to Elizabeth, probably marrying sometime around 1800 (around the time of Elizabeth's birth). He likely had several children from his first marriage (indicated by the presence of other Sadowskis within the baptismal records of the 1840s), and his later marriage to Elizabeth produced an additional set of children.

In my next post, I will address information relating to the six other children born to Joannes and Elizabeth, including their son Joannes (John) who married Julianna Furmanski (the progenitors of the Sadowski family in Albion).